Herbal Guide

Herbal Allies for Sexual Assault Survivors

Herbs can serve as powerful allies in the process of healing from sexual violence. Many of the symptoms of trauma, like anxiety, depression, and sleep disorders, can be minimized by adding herbs to complement your care routine.

This zine is based on information from the article “5 Helpful Plants for Survivors of Sexual Violence“ written by Eva Fiallos-Diaz in April 2021.

Some of the information in this zine is regionally specific to North Florida and South Georgia. The further you are from this area, the less relevant some of it may be.



Authors and Contributors

Eva is a queer, biculturally Latine, licensed clinical social worker working with survivors of sexual violence, particularly with geographically isolated or marginalized communities.

They connected to herbalism through their culture, love of nature, and for healing childhood trauma.

Rei is a queer community organizer and communications specialist doing work at the intersection of healthcare, gender, and sexuality. They became passionate about herbalism after becoming aware of the shortcomings of our modern for-profit healthcare systems.

Thank you to Nao, Aun-Drey, and Paco for proofreading, accessibility review, and general feedback.