Projects & Partners

Weeds and Deeds is active in our community in a variety of ways. Many of our projects are done in partnership with local groups whose missions align with ours.

Macon Neighborhood Community Garden

The Macon community is one of the oldest “intact” communities in Leon County. The Macon community garden provides fresh produce to the community much of the year, including medicinal herbs cultivated by Weeds and Deeds.

Dent Street Community Garden

The Dent Street Garden has had support from numerous people and groups over the course of the last couple of years. Weeds and Deeds volunteers participate in gardening and processing of herbs, like moringa. We’re at the early stages of creating a medicinal food forest on the site.

The Backpack Project

The Tallahassee Backpack Project is a community grassroots project started by Amy Garvin Rodgers. Amy has been collecting essential items to distribute to Tallahassee’s unhoused community since 2016. Now that includes herbal care kits made by Weeds and Deeds.

Little Green Library

The little green library is a project focused on getting herbs and herbal knowledge out into the community while also encouraging reading literacy and curiosity. The little green library is part of the Little Free Library book exchange program but expands it to include plants and herbs.