Volunteering provides unique opportunities: it connects us with people with shared values and offers us an opportunity to bring people into our social networks that we might not otherwise get to meet and learn from.

Projects will change over time but we are currently in need of volunteers that can:

Support gardening work at Lichgate

You can come out to our garden work days or arrange to perform specific jobs. We post our work days on Facebook. If you’d prefer, we can also add you to a Google Calendar invite list. This is a good way to get some exercise, sun, and socialize distantly.

Create plant profiles, recipes, social media graphics, or other content for our website

We have created and can provide you with a template for plant profile creation. We will help edit any content you create and credit you for your writing. Finalized content will be shared on social media and our website.

Translate content

We are particularly interested in individuals who can translate to Spanish, French Creole, French, and Portuguese. Beside English, these are Florida’s most commonly used languages. If you can sign (ASL), we’d also be interested in ideas for video interpretation. You’d be helping with our goal to create accessibility.

Become a community grower

If there’s a medicinal plant that you grow particularly well, we need you! You can grow plants for community distribution, to place in our community gardens, or for harvesting to include in our herbal preparations.

Host a donation drive or collect donation items

Host an event or talk to your friends to gather donations of our most needed items.

If you have other ideas not listed here, please reach out!