Community Growers Program

What are community growers?

Community growers are individuals who volunteer to dedicate a portion of their garden space or harvest to the community.

What do you have to do?

There are several ways you can go about volunteering as a community grower.

  1. If you are already growing medicinal herbs and have an overabundance, you can donate those herbs to W&D. If you are willing/able, you can dry and process them and we can package and distribute them. If you do not have the capacity for that, you can also give us fresh harvested herbs and we will dry and process them for distribution or use them to create herbal products.
  2. You can also grow seedlings/cuttings for us that we can use to grow our own herbs. We can place these at any (or all!) of the community gardens we have partnered with and in our own dedicated community growing spaces. We can also distribute them to other potential community growers.
  3. When available, we may be able to provide plants/seeds and you can dedicate a portion of your garden/farm/property to community growing on our behalf and then providing the herbs as described in #1.

How will you distribute these herbs?

We have four active collaborative partnerships in the Tallahassee community. Macon community garden distributes food and herbal products in the Macon community via a community church. Dent Street community garden has a similar setup. Garden volunteers there are part of a church group and distribute garden harvests to folks in the Dent Street neighborhood. Herbs grown at Lichgate are more broadly distributed. We have primarily used these to create goods that can be distributed to the unhoused community via the Tallahassee Backpack Project. In the future, when it is safe to do so again, materials made from these herbs can also be distributed at community events. 

Do we charge people for herbal remedies?

No, we distribute everything free of cost! This is why we depend heavily on community support. There are some costs that we currently absorb. These are mainly the costs of packaging and ingredients that aren’t easily hand made like olive oil and beeswax.

How do I get started?

Sign up via our volunteer form on our website! You can also reach out to us directly via email at If you have further questions or would like to chat with us, we are also happy to set up a video call with you.